85% of consumers are found to visit a service provider’s website before making their purchase. The purchase decision highly depends on the user’s online experience.

It is pivotal for businesses to build a web presence that can potentially turn visitors into leads.  A strong web presence is made by two crucial processes: web development and web design. 

The designing that enables website usability, per the business’s requirements, comes under the web design process. This deals with the design aspect of website building—using software tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Framer and more. A web designer models the layout for a website before transferring it to a web developer to start developing it. While doing so, the designer needs to retain in mind the branding of the website, color palettes to be used, the typography and readability of the website. Another challenge is to build a website environment and interface that is easier to navigate and use.

Finding hard to get in all the information? Let us put the idea in simpler words.

Web designing is the process of transforming stories into visually appealing designs and interfaces that users see on a website. A web designer uses relatable layouts to build user experience throughout a website.

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